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1950 2017+
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Creating an effective home search

  • Choose a Search Page.

    The top menu has 5 search pages "ALL PROPERTIES", "RESIDENTIAL", "VACANT LAND" AND "ADULT COMMUNITY". Choose the search page that matches the criteria of home your searching for. For example if your interested in retirement, gated or adult communities your would choose the "ADULT COMMUNITY"

  • Set Your Price Range

    Price range should be your first consideration. A smart buyer should already have a pre approved mortgage or letter stating how much a mortgage company will approve to purchase property. This will allow you to make a more realistic and focused search only on homes you can afford.

  • Choose A City Location

    City Location should be your second consideration. Most buyers has a good idea of the city and area they want to live. The choices under "Select a City" Lists Cities, Townships and towns and boroughs within a city. To the right of General Search Criteria is a section that lists all Adult Communities within the city selected with the number of homes found between brackets.

  • Limit The Number Of Properties Found

    Since it would be a waste of your valuable time to look through homes you would not be considering. It is a good idea to eliminate the properties to only ones you would be interested in.

    Once you set your location and price range you will see the number of properties found. You may see several thousand or several hundred properties found. Not all of these properties meet your exact criteria. You can further reduce the search results by setting Min and max ranges of bedrooms and bathrooms, Min year built and Max square footage of living area.

  • Start Compare & Research Your Results

    1. Click on the photo of the property to get full detailed information on the property.
    2. Make a list of homes that you're interested in.
    3. Use the list of homes you have made and research them in more detail. Use your real estate agent to find out information on home you can't find online.
    4. Make appointments and go see the homes (Most if not all real estate agents require you to obtain a mortgage pre-approval letter or mortgage pre-approval before you can take a tour of a property. )
    5. Make notes on each home of everything you like and don't like, or notes about defects or repairs it may need (This info can be used when you make an offer on the home to reduce the price.).
    6. Have your agent do a CMA (Comprehensive Market Analysis) on all homes your interested in to get an accurate current market value of the homes.