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Painting is one of the most cost effective, easiest ways for you to update and enhance the look of your home before you list it.  The nice part is you don’t need to be a professional painter to achieve this goal.  Viewing some free online videos are very helpful.  Then decide on your colors and go get your paint.....

Most people tend to prefer neutral & light colors, so it's important to keep the design uncomplicated.   There is no need to paint every room, just do the rooms that really need it.    Concentrate on the areas that have dark colors, ...


We as Realtors often are asked "Is the Fall a good time to buy a home?"

I always like to answer "it's always a good time to buy!"

Here are some really good reasons to buy a home this Fall:

(1) If you're a renter, rates are continuing to rise since home values outpaced home values in 20 of 35 largest markets in the country. Why not lock into a mortgage where your monthly mortgage payment will not rise. (excluding taxes & HOA dues)

(2) Interest rates will never be lower, rates are expected to rise to 5% from the below 4% rates we currently have.

(3) PMI (Primary Mortgage Insurance) ...


Multiple Listing Service.

Generally referred to as MLS . Multiple listing services are organized and operated by professional, licensed real estate agents. The first multiple listing service originated more than 100 years ago, and today there are more than 900 different services operating throughout the country. It is a well established and trusted system.

A multiple listing service is a collection of national private databases used by real estate brokers who agree to share their listing agreements with one another to locate ready, willing and able buyers for ...


Here’s a general approximation of the amount of paperwork involved with a home purchase,” along with brief descriptions of the voluminous stack of documents you’ll encounter when you buy real estate.

Contract of Sale

Aprox.200 pages: The  purchase contract is 10 pages, plus approximately 200 more pages of contract addendums, Consumer Information Statement, Buyer Agency Ageement, Informed Consent to Dual Agency, disclosure reports from the seller and agent(s), third-party disclosure information, plus federal, state and local disclosures, disclaimers, questionnaires, certifications, escrow instructions, ...


Some terms you should know:

A Home Evaluation (also refered to as a CMA) is a property valuation or land valuation which results in an opinion of value for real property (usually market value) A Home Evaluation report is used to establish a fair sale price for a property according to the market at the time of the evaluation.

A comparative market analysis (CMA) is an evaluation of similar, recently sold homes (called comparables) that are near a home intended to be bought or sold. Comparative market analysis establish the current ...


We couldn't pass up on the 40+ degree weather that we have been enjoying the last 2 days and decided to go for a walk at our favorite dock.  There was no breeze and the sun felt warm when we walked in the southern direction.   There were a  few other people who had the same idea as we did but it was nice and quiet.  We had a visit by two beautiful swans that came right up to us to try and and get a free meal.  

The views were magnificent and the bay was flat, nice day to be out in a boat.  It won't  be long till the ...


To successfully find your perfect dream home quickly and efficiently you should follow a process or formula and stick with it. A real estate agent can help you by explaining the process or formula that you can use to find homes meeting your requirements and desires. Use these methods to search for homes and make a list of each home you find desireable and then research each home individually. An agent can also help you find homes by setting up an auto-email that will send you a list of new homes meeting your ...




Taking advantage of the spring like weather my wife and I checked out the Barnegat Rail Route which had plenty of hikers and bikers having the same idea that we did.  The 7 mile trail is paved with asphalt or crushed stone allowing for easy biking and hiking and follows the old Central Railroad tracks.  This was originally the Toms River & Waretown Railroad later known as the Toms River & 


Are you in the market for a new home and wondering what the current mortgage interest rates are?  Well there is news good news for you, average mortgage rates are at an all-time low for 2017!  Mortgage rates for a 30 year mortgage have fallen for the last four weeks to 4.08 percent.  This drop is a result of the weak March jobs report.according to Sean Becketti, Freddie Mac’s chief economist.  These rates are only slightly higher for the same period last year with the 30 year average mortgage having been 3.58 percent.  Also the 15 year fixed rate mortgage dropped to 3.34 average percent while the rates ...


You are required by your lender to purchase PMI if you put down less than 20 percent on your mortgage of the home you are purchasing.  This policy protects your mortgage company from losing $$$ if you default on your mortgage.  PMI rates will vary anywhere between 0.3% - 1.5% of you original mortgage amount yearly.  You will not have to pay PMI( throughout the life of your mortgage.  Your lender is required to stop PMI as soon as you have 22 percent equity or 78 percent of loan to value ratio.  You also have the right to petition your mortgage lender to end the PMI when your loan to value ration reaches 80 ...


  1. Find out where your Main water shutoff is. Nothing worse than springing a leak and not being able to shut the water off. Especially your first night in the house.
  2. Locate the Main Electrical Circuit Board. Spend around a ½ hour labeling all the circuits so you know what works what. This is best done with 2 people with one turning the circuit breakers on & off while the other person sees what goes off.
  3. Clean out all the cabinets and drawers with a non-toxic cleaner and replace with fresh contact paper before ...


(1) DO NOT quit your job, decide to become self-employed or change your job!

(2) DO NOT go and buy a car, van or a truck unless you want to end up living in it!

(3) DO NOT let your credit card accounts fall behind or use them excessively!

(4) DO NOT spend the funds you have set aside for closing!

(5) DO NOT forget on your mortgage application to omit any debts or liabilities!

(6) DO NOT buy any appliances or furniture on credit!

(7) DO NOT make any large deposits in the bank without getting the advice of your mortgage rep!

(8) DO NOT make any inquires into your credit!

(9) DO NOT change any ...


I think a lot of people looking for a place to retire get intimidated when they start to visit active adult and 55+ communities, particularly if they roll up to a gated entrance and face a guard with a clipboard. They might think, “maybe we don’t belong here”, or, “I don’t want to go into the sales office because they are going to give me a hard sell”. So here is some advise from a professional on how to visit and find out more about a community. You have 2 options. Seek a real estate agents help or do it yourself. So what would be the best way to explore an active adult or 55+ community, particularly if you ...

Adult Community Real Estate Expert
I resides in a adult community

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I am a Accredited Buyer’s Representative and a Licensed Professional Real Estate Agent who specializes in helping buyers in this community.

I can help you find your dream home.

  • Want to learn more about   a property, neighborhood or take a tour of a property your interested in?
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I promise I will only discuss the purpose of your call.   No sales pressure!   I just want the opportunity to help you!

I only ask that you consider me when you decide to choose a real estate agent.

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